Lustful girls of my company

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Mick Blue and his wife, Savannah Bond, decided to do the responsible thing and handle their final arrangements, but it turns out that casket shopping could be a big turnoff, at least for Mick. While examining a particularly attractive coffin, Mick becomes irritated and begins to snap and point at Savannah, who is berating him. After Savannah and the funeral director moved on to look at other items, Mick decided to examine the coffin himself, which proved so relaxing that he fell asleep and didn't realize the lid had closed on him. me. When charming but grieving Luna Star, a hot widow, walks in and opens the coffin, she is faced with something she thought she would have to go a long time without. After getting started on some intense anal action, Savannah catches them but is quickly convinced to take a chance and Mick's huge cock is in her juicy ass, for a double anal threesome.

Lustful girls of my company
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